Client: Music Video Festival

Service: Brand Identity, Design System, Website, Illustration, Motion, Video

m-v-f is one of the coolest initiatives in the Brazilian audiovisual world, the project exists with the aim of celebrating video clips and highlighting their importance and influence on popular culture and creative expressions. We have been colaborating with the festival since 2017, for this 2021 edition we unfolded the visual identity for all social media and partners communication, vignettes, and the communication of the festival itself, backdrop, trophies, including the award and performance videos for the artists.

For the visual identity, we started with video test elements of different formats, such as the Telefunken T05, Multiburst and SMPTE RP-133, which show resolution, registration, geometry and gray or color tests. These tests are rolls or slides of photographic film used to test the quality of filming or display equipment, in various formats 16mm, 35mm, Super 8, ect. We created a design system from a cubic division, and expanded to current media formats (1:1, 16:9, 9:16 and 4:5) to permeate all communication as a video test montage, evoking this constant state of experimentation in the video clip creation process. Each award category has a specific graphic that is repeated in all media and the pieces are accompanied by gradients in motion or by the images of the video clips in focus.

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