TRIPÉ was invited to create and produce an exhibition for Projeto Gaveta in 2015,
at MIS-SP.

Projeto Gaveta consists in a clothing swap concept, it encourages a more human and sustainable fashion. We had to expand this idea, to make people aware of it. As creative directors we see fashion as a reflection of personal expression and wanted to translate strong personalities of São Paulo into the individual authenticity they share with people. We chose each name carefully to represent a single cultural aspect of the city, like: Paulo Tessuto, Lane Marinho, Pedro Saci, Renato Ratier, Brisa Issa, Felipe Morozini, Camila Fremder, Magá Moura, Camila Schnandorf and Bia Bittencourt to be photographed and expose their inner personalities.


We also made a film, where the person was just herself for 15 seconds and no interruptions.
Later on it was featured in a party at Nos Trilhos and Escola São Paulo.