Client: Homeostasis

Service: Brand Identity, Design System, Website, Motion, Video

In 2021, we were invited to create the visual identity, social media communication and website for The Homeostasis Lab, a virtual platform dedicated to mapping, cataloging, researching and exhibiting digital art on the internet. The Lab is run by a collaborative open-system network of artists, programmers, curators and researchers from all over the world. It offers a current and ongoing reflection on behaviors and concepts arising from the relationship between mankind and technology, and its impact on aesthetics, culture, and society.  The aim was to translate the Lab’s experimental, connected and multifaceted cultural boiling pot into a complex technological visual narrative. 

The Lab works as an online democratic database for digital artists, spanning artworks from 2013 to 2021. So we wanted to reflect the creativity of digital tools in the visual identity and website, which has 4 main navigational approaches: the “LAB” – a tool that randomizes the artworks to show temporary assemblage each time the user enters the platform; “LIST” – classical alphabetical order for research of artists and artworks; “MAP” – a geo map that shows every uploaded art piece in a thumbnail located where the artist is based; “CURATORSHIP” –  A space dedicated to authorial curatorships made with artworks from the Homeostasis Lab platform, it is a space for reflection on the impacts of digital media on the poetry, practice and aesthetics of contemporary art. Any artist or creative from around the globe can upload artwork to the digital database through a detailed submission interface. This database is a growing collection of research documentation, and artworks. We experimented with generative Wolfram patterns, mathematical patterns for arbitrary structures and used coding to create the logo and develop the visual elements. The color palette displays an acid tropical glitch, exploring the digital nature of RGB colors. Conveying the idea of pixelization, the fonts used are Neue Bit and Neue Montreal.

The interconnection between creators online and the effervescence of digital art were highlighted even more in the context of the pandemic, when the digital universe became an even constant reality. Prior to 2021, The Homeostasis Lab existed as a research hub and the public dialogue happened by means of exhibitions. In that sense, the development of a website to showcase all the extensive content in an online environment was the next step for this platform of digital culture. In 2021 their new and improved platform was be launched together with a major online curatorship, New Time that brings together exhibitions signed by curators Flávio Carvalho, Gabriel Menotti, Guilherme Teixeira, Luciana de Paula Santos, Mari Nagem, Paloma Oliveira, Pedro Caetano, Rudá Cabral and Taís Koshino.

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