Client: Hike Capital

Service: Brand Identity, Design System, Website, Photography

Hike is an independent investment and equity consulting. The universe we imagined for HIKE is loaded with elements that symbolize culture, art and design. Apart from offering complete wealth management and asset planning for their clients, they are focused on lifestyle and they have partnerships with art galleries, and they provide articles on different subjects with experts from different topics. 

The universe we imagine for HIKE is loaded with elements that symbolize culture, art and design. A visual identity that conveys a serious, intelligent and elegant company but brings with it a touch of the extraordinary, which overflows this seriousness to permeate the desirable lifestyle. The typographic expression is strong and have a striking and elegant presence, as well as the chromatic palette, which through natural colors finds the balance between the financial universe and a lifestyle that must be enjoyed. This is also transmitted through the supporting images used. In social media, the idea is to create a consistent and elegant look, giving strength to the content and letting them occupy the main spaces.

ouieieee is a design agency,
but we like to call ourselves a multi-disciplinary creative studio. We believe in a human and dynamic approach for branding and design.

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