Client: Colorido

Service: Editorial Design, Magazine

COLORIDO is a magazine made by an all women team featuring female artists, poets, writers and photographers. An initiative by FREE FREE, a free, independent and female movement. We worked on defining the creative andart direction for the first issue of the magazine, with a flexible and fluid design grid, celebrating diverse medias, including poetry, visual arts, photography, testimonials from female leaders, whether in the creative industry, politics or sport, COLORIDO is a dip in the feminine essence. It is a reverence for ancestry focused at the future, where we want to go.

Names like Viviane Sassen, Verena Smit, Melanie Bonajo, Tabata Amaral, Sônia Guajajara, Aline Bei, Raíssa Rocha Machado, Cassia Tabatini, Bruna Bento, Tauana Sofia, Slam Das Minas and the founder of Free Free, Yasmine McDougall Sterea, reveal their colors, impressions and experiences that celebrate female power. 100 exclusive copies were printed and distributed to people in the fashion, creative industry and others, it was also available online and in a few magazine shops. After the first year of the pandemic, a year out of time, it is extremely important to show the power of female initiatives and the creative industry’s ability to reinvent itself and resist. For freedom of expression, for the love of design and for existence. Free Free is a movement that supports women in their journey through emotional and financial independence. They work for a world where girls and women feel less guilt, fear and shame of being who they are and reach their creative potential through fashion, art, beauty and spirituality. They are an NGO that transforms shame, fears and guilt into dreams and possibilities and that works for a completely free life.

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