Client: Bruder & Co.

Service: Brand Identity, Design System, Social Media, Website, Packaging

Project Description:

Bruder & Co. is a fine shirt brand with a simple proposal: good quality material, unique design, seasonless and genderless.

For the creation of the brand's  identity, we sought to develop an minimalistic take on visual language from classic tailoring ateliers. We started by constructing a rigid grid, just to break and play with it, as a means to translate the idea of weavering the lines of clothing. For typography expressions we combined two different typefaces, one clean sans serif together with a specific elegant intervention from a striking serif, linking the siblings together.  The blue and the white, compose the pallete translating the classic shirt colors.

Unlimited creative
services, for unique
brands & everyday

Creative Services:

Brand & Visual identity
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Creative Consulting
Book & Editorial design
Packaging Design
Website Design
Social Media
Film & Motion Design

Based in:

São Paulo, BR

Paris, FR

Unlimited creative services, for unique brands & everyday people.

Based in:
São Paulo - Paris





Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Art Direction
Creative Consulting
Editorial Design
Book Design
Packaging Design
Promotional Materials
Website Design