Client: No Drama

Service: Creative Direction, Editorial Design

After a year full of incertitudes it is of utmost importance to show the power of the queer community, and our capacities of re-inventing ourselves and resisting. Doing this through freedom of expression, through our existence. 

12 amazing photographers and 2 writers in a 2021 calendar. All the funds collected with the sales of the calendar will cover the calendars production and will be donated to queer associations selected by the artists. This graphic piece functions both as a poster calendar and as a publication allowing the reader to interact and flip it around.

Photographs by: @nad_1n3 @harleyweir @thisismayan @vivibacco @mtia.xo @callumleohughes @laurencephilomene @gleesonpaulino @sweeriouslee @billy_ballard @alexandre_haefeli @kostic_c @christelle_studio

Text Fragments by: @yelenamoskovich @matildecerrutiquara

Creative Direction + Curation by @prrriiiscila & @tatiana_alonso
Art Direction + Graphic Project by @ouieieee

Unlimited creative services, for unique brands & everyday people.

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Unlimited creative services, for unique brands & everyday people.

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Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Art Direction
Creative Consulting
Editorial Design
Book Design
Packaging Design
Promotional Materials
Website Design